Ode to the FG Knot

When I first started surf fishing, I sort of looked around for various knots… I settled on the palomar for tying my leader to my hook… and then a uni knot for tying my leader to my swivel. I have yet to have a knot fail as a result…

I also used a uni knot (uni to uni) when attaching my top shot (flouro) to my backing (braid)… My topshot is usually around 100 yds of flouro, which was fine… until I had a spot fin run out PAST the breakers because I had my drag set incorrectly for this fish… just literally ripped out about 100 yards in 2 seconds… when the uni knot passed through my guides, I heard every heart wrenching ping, thinking each time it was going to snap… i also felt the uni knot catch on each guide.

Though I did manage to wrestle that fish in (after slowly tightening my drag and wearing the fish out… don’t get too upset for my poor treatment of this fish, I kept, cleaned, and grilled it.. tasty), I made a mental note to change my knot when attaching backing to topshot.

After some reading (here as well as other places) and watching a few youtube videos, I landed on using the FG Knot

I now use it exclusively when tying backing to topshot and when tying my mainline to my leader for fly lining bait and feel it is by far the skinniest knot that is probably stronger than any other line to line knot I have tried… It passes through guides with ease (barely know the knot is passing through) and actually lays pretty flat on the spool as well.

Anyone else have a better knot for those applications?

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