The long walk rewarded…

After living on Maui for a few years, eating too well and too often, I found myself well over 200 lbs for the first time in my life. I decided to go on a diet and begin more frequent exercise. Full disclosure, I’m not fond of the gym (too many people, and many of them sporting ringworm) and at that time I was way to chubby to run without injury, so i decided to start by walking around my house. Unfortunately, that got boring really fast and to maintain my commitment, I decided to walk on the beach three times a week. Not only did this have the benefit of keeping me interested, it also spawned a dormant love of fishing.

I would walk from the parking lot at the North Torrey Pines State Beach northward to the main life guard tower at Del Mar (the round trip is slightly less than 5 miles) casting whenever I saw decent looking water.

I’ve walked this stretch of beach hundreds of times since 2011, logging hundreds of miles and catching hundreds of fish. I’ve caught corbina, halibut, barred surf perch, yellow fin croaker, spot fin croaker, and on a few rare occasions, striped bass. I’ve caught them on a variety of lures and baits, but what I have NEVER been able to do is catch anything using Gulp sand worms. This bait is considered by many to be fish “crack” because it is so effective… apparently effective for everyone but me. In the hundreds of casts with a Gulp sand worm on my hook, I have caught exactly zero fish. Once I switched it up and used a Gulp shrimp, and I caught a decent sized halibut… but NEVER EVER using Gulp sand worms.

Until today…. Behold!

Tried a few different flavors today, but only the red color worked (still nothing on natural or camo). Is this a portent of things to come?

Stay tuned…

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