April 2018 Yellowtail Fishing off La Jolla

My next door neighbor who has a boat invited me out on Saturday. Having mostly fished from larger “cattle” boats, it was a different experience fishing on a smaller (21 ft) boat. Conditions weren’t horrible, but i felt every bit of the swell.

Here’s the view looking east from Mission Bay toward University of San Diego.

We started off fishing some of the wrecks near Mission Beach, then decided to move north to La Jolla were we had heard Yellowtail were being caught.

I managed one (personal best 20#) and my neighbor caught a few rockfish.

Here’s the YT.

I gave half the filets to my neighbor since he didn’t manage a YT. Last night, I cut off a small section for sushi.

It was incredible… Going to make a batch of Ceviche today…. and still have two large pieces to grill… the gift that keeps giving!

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