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I have been fishing Lake Poway for going on 40 years, and while I have caught a lot of bass, I still haven’t managed a double digit bass. At the beginning of the year, I decided one of my goals would be to break the double digit mark on Largemouth Bass. Come hell or highwater, I am going to scratch this bucket list item off.

The closest I’ve come was hooking up and losing a fish that might have tipped the scales at five lbs… but after 15 minutes fishing with world-renowned big bass angler @mikelongoutdoors, I came as close as I ever have. This one might have been a few ounces shy of 8 lbs. Only a few pounds to go and I can mark this experience off my bucket list.

I have to admit I am not much of a bass fisherman… I prefer trout or catfish on lakes (because they’re a passive fishing experience… sit back in a chair or boat and let the fish bite your bait). With bass fishing (and many other types of game fish in both fresh and salt water), it is a more active fishing experience… casting, retrieving, rinse, repeat… Surf fishing is similar, but I have no real issue with it, but for some reason on a lake, it tends to annoy me.

As far as this fish is concerned, I wouldn’t have caught the fish if my buddy had not explained what to do, where to do it, how to do it, and how long to do it. He is one of the best big bass fishermen in San Diego if not the state. 

Every time I go fishing with him I learn something and get a little bit better at the craft of fishing (he doesn’t surf fish, but a number of the techniques and information on structure, and how fish relate to it that he has shared with me have still worked despite not being specifically about surf fishing).

The lake (Poway) stocks about 2k lbs of trout every month from November to April and the bass at that lake will gorge on the smaller (1 to 3 lb) trout that make up the balance of a trout stock. They get huge. My buddy has caught dozens of double-digit bass from that lake and this particular outing, he didn’t cast out a line but once or twice… the majority of the time he spent simply showing me what to do, pointing at structure and explaining, long before we came close enough to actually see anything, what would be waiting there (and damn it if he wasn’t right every time).

I wish everyone who enjoys fishing could spend an hour fishing with him… just an excellent morning all around.

This fat post-spawn female smacked a Zoom Bait Salty Super Fluke Jr in Albino on a drop-shot rig. 

Conditions: Partially cloudy skies, water clear and in the 58 degree range. 

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