Ocean Beach Kelp Bed Calicos

Headed out on my friend’s boat for a morning run out to the kelp beds just south of the Ocean Beach Pier. Loaded up on bait, and began to catch a few dozen Calico bass, a few sand bass, and an assortment of rockfish.

While they were mostly shorts (10 t0 13 inches), there were a few larger ones to be had. Sardines worked well, but the ticket was drop shotting white/pearl flukes on 10# test line. 

We’d start a drift outside and the current pushed us through the beds and this seemed to be a great method that we’ll go back to time and again.

One really exciting moment came when we hooked up with some kind of beast from the deep. Peeled line off my heavy rig  (baited with a medium sized sardine). We got it maybe halfway up (fishing 50 feet depth) before it popped off. The line didn’t break… the hook straightened out! Missed a big one? Maybe a black sea bass or a home guard Yellowtail is my guess.


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