Kelp Bed Calicos

I’m still looking for that PB calico in San Diego (a calico bigger than 8 lbs). I know these bigger fish are out there. A number of times that I’ve fished the kelp beds, as we were reeling in smaller fish, they were followed to the boat by much larger fish. We’re talking 10-12 lb. fish. Try as we might, we’ve not be able to stick one using either live or artificial baits. The fact that it hasn’t happened yet isn’t surprising. The larger a calico is, the older it is. Unlike a number of species, calicos are slow to grow. Something in the 10# plus range will probably be well over 15 years old. With age comes wisdom, and you’re not likely to fool a bigger calico with just any presentation.

Since Spring, I’ve been in hot pursuit, trying different methods, and I’ve learned a bit about the species and I’ve convinced myself on what will work for these wary warriors.

So out we went on Saturday, July 13, 2019 and tried both our favorite kelp beds (La Jolla just south of Bird Rock, and Ocean Beach, just south of the Ocean Beach Pier).

Our Areas of Operation

We found plenty of fish willing to play, but nothing substantial. Our two biggest calicos were in the 4-5# range, just shy of 16″ in length.

I know a big one is out there, just have to keep trying! How did you do this weekend?

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